Matthieu Bordenave – saxophone
Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone
Geoff Goodman – guitar
Andreas Kurz – bass
Bastian Jütte – drums

Neue CD –Inverted Forest – erscheint Sept. 2015 bei Double Moon

Goodman kehrt nach längerer Pause zurück zu seiner Lieblingsformation, dem Jazz Quintett. Das gesamte Programm dieser neuen Formation besteht aus eigenen Kompositionen von Goodman und Bordenave. Die Musik stellt die beiden Bläser, Matthieu Bordenave (Paris) und Gerhard Gschlößl (Berlin) in den Vordergrund und erforscht die große Bandbreite von Möglichkeiten, die diese Kombination erlaubt. Goodman's differenziertes und melodisches Gitarrenspiel, sowie die eingespielten Rhythmusgruppe bestehend aus Andreas Kurz und Bastian Jütte, geben dem Ganzen eine natürliche Transparenz. Harmonische Strukturen, die auf einem intervallischen Konzept basieren, das über das normale Format des Jazz hinausreicht, lassen überraschende twists and turns in der Musik zu – minimal landscapes, starke Grooves, sowie Big Band Bläsersätze sind alle Teil des musikalischen Spektrums dieses Quintetts

Die Musikzeitschrift Cadence schreibt über Goodman's Musik "... This is a jazz with a sprightly, thoroughly contemporary sensibility: it's post-Bop, post-Monk, post-Ornette, post-Dolphy, post-Frisell, post-everything. ... it's a pleasure from start to finish."


From the liner notes of "Inverted Forest" :

Canadian jazz magazine Cadence described guitarist Geoff Goodman's music as "... post-Bop, post-Monk, post-Ornette, post-Dolphy, post-Frisell, post-everything..." To my ears, Goodman has something of all the afore-mentioned, plus a healthy smattering of pop, folk, and the Levant in his music – and it's not post – it's present. Then there is Geoff's own musical personality that goes into the mix. The appropriate blend depends on the particular piece and group that Geoff has in his sights. On Inverted Forest Goodman has gone back to one of his favorite formations – the quintet. Finding the perfect partner in French tenor saxophonist Matthieu Bordenave definitely helped in the decision. Geoff and Matthieu first played together as sidemen. They got along both musically and personally, and Bordenave began going over to Goodman's practice room to jam and hang out. Matthieu was completing his studies at Munich Music Conservatory, and said, "For me it was important to get an understanding of Geoff's musical language. It was new to me and it took me a while to get a grip on it.” The sessions expanded into gigs in duo, and then in quartet with bass and drums. Both felt something was missing in the quartet context. Matthieu had been impressed by Geoff's earlier quintet with bass clarinetist Rudi Mahall and saxophonist Felix Wahnschaffe; the second horn afforded more complex melodic and harmonic possibilities, and Bordenave liked that group's somewhat freer approach. They agreed that Berlin trombonist Gerhard Gschlößl, a player with impressive technique and imagination who enjoys taking chances, fit the bill. The rhythm section was a no-brainer: bassist Andreas Kurz, drummer Bastian Jütte are a hand-in-glove rhythm section, having worked together innumerable times, and both have had much to do with various groups that Geoff has captained over the years.

This is exceptional music; Geoff Goodman's compositions are eminently listenable – replete with humor, depth, haunting melodies, and sophisticated arrangements painted with personal brush-strokes. Matthieu Bordenave shows himself to be a new lyrical voice on the tenor, and Gerhard Gschlößl's playing places him at the forefront of contemporary trombonists. Andreas Kurz's warm, full-toned bass and expansive lines and Bastian Jütte's propulsive drumming ground and propel the group. And the CD is beautifully recorded. One of the most satisfying, innovative recordings I have heard in the last few years, Inverted Forest is a joy to listen to – over and over.
Marty Cook

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